€ 8,95
€ 18,75 +

All Features You Need

  • Group numbers (unlimited)
  • Selection menus with welcome texts
  • Advanced inbound call routing
  • Queues (unlimited)
  • Voicemail
  • Day-night modes (unlimited)
  • Fixed-mobile integration
  • Calling with apps on the PC or smartphone
Frequently Asked Questions

Outgoing calls to destinations outside the Calling Plan are blocked. Making calls outside these destinations can result in significantly higher charges due to different international calling rates, which can lead to unexpected bills. If you do require to make calls outside these destinations, please send a Helpdesk ticket to our support team with the required destinations and they will assist you making this option available.


With Presence status, you ensure that no calls are made when you are not available. Depending on your status, you may or may not receive calls. So no interruptions when you're in a meeting or on vacation.

You can adjust the status manually, but it can also be done automatically. For example, via Outlook or Microsoft Azure, a work schedule automatically adjusts your status if you are there or not. Or via your agenda, which automatically transfers calls when you are in a meeting.

Maybe you work in a group. It is possible to register and unsubscribe yourself in multiple Groups via status. A daily example: if you are in sales, you can register in the Group number of the sales department in one click. And if the colleagues from the service desk are having a work meeting, you can temporarily answer their calls by registering yourself in the Support group.


Yes. Every CloudPBX user can have its own landline phone number. This can be a new phone number or an existing phone number. In case of an existing number, Unified 365 will connect your number to the CloudPBX.


An organization-wide address book eliminates double storage of contact details, customer numbers spread over different smartphones or outdated data in your system. With the business contacts in the address book, you can call, chat, send text messages or start a video call. You also always have insight into the contact history; so when did you have contact or are there colleagues who have contact with the same person? Making conversation notes or listening back to a conversation is included.


Business communication is much more than just telephony. Colleagues constantly chat with each other, sometimes you have a video meeting or you text an appointment request to a customer. The CloudPBX offers seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. And you may also want to chat with website visitors. It's all possible. Depending on what you do or the type of contact, you choose the right form of communication.


The CloudPBX app on mobile devices and PC offers access to your calendar and those of others with one click. This is useful because sometimes you want to book an appointment for a colleague or tell a caller when someone is available.

If you wish, you can have the CloudPBX synchronized with the Microsoft 365 calendar. Every appointment you make in the Microsoft calendar is automatically transferred into the CloudPBX. This way you are always aware of the availability of everyone in the organization.


Yes, the wallboard shows at any time how many calls are coming in or which are missed. It is also visible whether the SLA is being met, how many agents are logged in or how many calls have been processed. Easy for any manager who cares about service and doesn't want to miss calls.

You can activate a wallboard on any telephone number. The main number, sales department, and helpdesk, from now on you have insight into the hustle and bustle of a department with customer contact at any time.


Yes, for organizations with many incoming calls, these must be processed quickly and properly. That is why there are various options to make employees of a sales or service department more efficient. For example, it is possible to smartly distribute incoming calls over a group in various ways. Additional agents can also be added during busy periods without requiring additional licenses or training. Typical customer contact functions such as listening in, call recording, after-hours work or taking notes during a call are available. Integration with Microsoft Team Phone is also available if needed.


A single geographic telephone number per call bundle is included.

One-off Porting cost number/block of numbers:

€ 5,- per number: for the first 10 numbers

€ 0.55 per number: For each additional number over 10 numbers in a block

Special ranges like NL 088 range € 200,- one-off

Monthly cost of additional Geo telephone numbers (1 number per calling plan included for free), per number:

1-5 : € 1.00 monthly each

6-10 : € 0.50 monthly each

>11 : € 0.20 monthly each

Additional SIP Trunk (one included) € 4.95 monthly.

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