With the Yealink WH62 Dual Teams Headset, you can make calls using both your IP phone and your Microsoft Teams account. That's because this version is Microsoft Teams certified including a dedicated Teams button on the base station. As the headset uses wireless DECT technology, you can enjoy full freedom of movement while working in the office or at home.


  • You easily connect the headset base via USB.
  • Make calls in high quality. With Acoustic Shield technology and two built-in microphones, you'll never again be bothered by noise or background noise during calls.
  • You can work undisturbed. With the built-in busylight, colleagues can see when you are in conversation.
  • You enjoy pure wearing comfort. Yealink designed the perfect shape, based on the biometrics of hundreds of heads. In addition, the headset has leather memory foam cushions, which mould to your ears.
  • The headset works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and has a dedicated Teams button on the bass station. This button directly opens the Teams environment on your PC.
  • You easily manage the headset and your other Yealink USB devices via the Yealink USB Connect platform.
  • Benefit from the very good price/quality ratio. You have many convenient features & high audio quality at a competitive price.